Thursday, June 15, 2006

proselytizing pays off.

i just want to note that i'm getting a fair number of search hits around both "cuervo black and cola" and "jack and coke." i'm very glad that my diatribe can be of service in this regard.

and really, it seems that from now on i should post only about drinking, and about women changing their last names when they get married. those are apparently the two main topics on which you people like to comment! oh, and shoes. sometimes you get rowdy about the shoes, too.


jayniek said...

it's true. give me a jack&coke and a shoe store and I could be amused for hours.

the name change debate, however, not as fun for me.

DancingFish said...

What would happen if you wrote a post about calling your shoes by different names after drinking? More comments than you can shake a stick at!

Toast said...

That's funny. Every time I write a post that mentions Budweiser or Bud Light (usually because I'm tooling on them), my hits spike like crazy. Makes you wonder what people are sitting out there doing.