Friday, June 16, 2006

"There's a touch of the artist about old Bloom."

happy bloomsday!

though apparently, this year's famous joycean date is clouded in controversy. in dublin, due to a former prime minister's death, bloomsday has been cancelled.

now, i get the respectful intent, but cancelled? as david norris, a a joyce scholar from dublin, notes in the boston globe article,

You can’t cancel Bloomsday. That’s like saying you can cancel Monday or Tuesday.

too true, mr. norris. although joyce probably would've felt he had the necessary authority to cancel a tuesday or two himself, if the mood struck him.

at any rate, go have a drink for james joyce and leopold bloom today. i'm sure they'd both approve.


Thesaurus Rex said...

And happy Bloomsday to you. I read 'Ulysses' and I'm still recovering.


Oh, rocks.

kate.d. said...

that's funny - my alternate title choice for this post title was "'Oh, rocks' she said. 'Tell us in plain words.'"

i'm such a ner that i really sat there for a few minutes trying to decide between ulysses quotes.

kate.d. said...

and by "ner," i mean "nerd." god.

FINY said...

Well, after the Joyce bashing I've been doing the last few days the LEAST I can do is raise a drink in his honor tonight ... ;)