Wednesday, June 14, 2006

now that blogger feels like working.

i have just enough time to tell you that i don't have enough time to tell you what i'd like to tell you.

whoa, we've fallen down the rabbit hole.

i am off to work til 8:00 tonight, so probably nothing more from me today. however, i would like to leave you with the following thoughts (which are in no way related to what i'd actually like to tell you):

- cervixes are annoying.

- HMOs are even more annoying.

- portrait of the artist as a young man is a great fucking book. i realize sometimes (as i did earlier today while commenting on FINY's blog) that i will have to defend this opinion to wary disbelievers for the rest of my days. this is ok - i can understand being a wary disbeliever. but really, it's great.

- my cat is wicked cute.

- i need a pedicure and a haircut. it is moving out of the "advisable" stage and into the "unavoidable" stage.

- i'm learning the basic "beat the dealer" strategy for blackjack. i don't imagine that this will result in my actually beating the dealer while in vegas, but i'm having fun getting the hang of it anyway.


FINY said...

I don't deny that it's a great book. I completely see the genius in it, and really in Joyce himself. The thing is, I just didn't like it. That may not sound like much of a distinction, but I can still appreciate works of literature that aren't along the lines of my personal taste.

kate.d. said...

finy, i have no doubt you could catch the bit of genius drift in portrait :) it's more that, for me, i always want people to like it, too! because i like it so much, you know, you just figure that has to rub off. i guess that's kinda ego-centric, right - i liked it, so why wouldn't everyone??

but there you have it :) i just like it so much, i feel like i need to proselytize (sp?) or something.