Thursday, October 11, 2007

not today.

in case you haven't been traipsing around the feminist blogosphere this week, i'd like to alert you to the most recent incidence of some rich, important dude declaring that women suck. or are dumb. or sucky dumb cunts! or something.

(i don't think i want to know how many dead-serious google searches i'm going to get on combinations of the above descriptives.)

as our friends at jezebel say,

the tough thing about being one of those people who is paid to summon outrage all day is that inevitably it happens that you are sitting there, and you grab hold of a specimen of such unadulterated, 99.44 pure inconceivably outrageous outrageousness, and you just don't have it in you to do anything but blockquote a whole section:

"Warner Bros president of production Jeff Robinov has made a new decree that 'We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead'. This Neanderthal thinking comes after both Jodie Foster's 'The Brave One' ... and Nicole Kidman's 'The Invasion' (as if three different directors didn't have something to do with the awfulness of the gross receipts) under-performed at the box office recently."

holy fuck. there's more - not even wanting to see a script with a female lead, downgrading wonder woman from her own movie to a justice league ensemble pic, and so on - but i don't have the energy. i have battle fatigue. at first i thought about doing this whole post of cultural representations of women, and how we filter our understanding of who is important and worthy and who isn't by not only the quality of portrayals in culture but the quantity as well, how the problem of under-representation of girls and women in central roles is rampant, how the male gaze and the primacy of the male perspective are real, and reinforced, every day in this society...

but i just couldn't do it. i just don't have the energy to put together a reasoned argument that will be, in the cosmic sense, at best politely ignored and at worst viciously maligned. not today. i'm too tired.

now if you'll excuse me, i'm off to watch america ferrera not carry an emmy-winning television show.

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