Thursday, October 11, 2007

oh, and also?

this new version of blogger is pissing me off. post formatting just goes wickity-wack sometimes, like below, where the text decided it wanted to get real close together after the block quote. it just does things like that, randomly, with impunity.

it's not a problem with the overall template - the WYSIWYG editor apparently just wigs out sometimes.

not cool! especially for a prone-to-fixating, type a personality like myself.

what? you're not at all surprised by that? huh.

UPDATE: it's happening because of the block quote tag. though in the other post where it happened, it was just centered text. wtf? anyone got a clue here? grrrr.

UPDATE 2: fixed! apparently blogger has been aware of this problem and "working" on it since November 2006?! thankfully there are about 700 blogger beta blogs out there with workarounds for all these problems that blogger isn't fixing, so i think i've put the requisite band-aid on it for now. but wordpress is looking more and more attractive....

1 comment:

Cara said...

Seriously. Blogger can go fuck itself, wordpress isn't perfect but I pretty much wanted to hump it after switching from blogger. Make the switch! You know you wanna :)