Tuesday, October 09, 2007


i've had two of the best google searches evah in the past 48 hours.

search number one:

sperm filled watermelon

as evidence of my slow-wittedness, i said to BoyCat, "i can't even wrap my brain around that. like, filled how?" he said, "um...like you fucked it." i said, "oh. like a lot of times!!"

yes, kate, a lot of times. or something.

search number two:

mars cheese castle nude

my chicago readers are already laughing. because they know mars cheese castle just over the border in wisconsin:

um. hmmm. cheese castle. nude. i am well aware that everyone has their fetish, but this one seems like a needle in a haystack, buddy. but if you ever find what you're looking for, please come back and let me know - the curiosity is killing me.

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