Monday, October 08, 2007

sorry, al gore.

there is something about four solid days of heat and humidity in october, i think, that brings out a particular kind of lethargy in people. it's not the yielding lethargy of early august, where you've accepted your fate and are wading slowly through it. it's the frustrated and borderline despondent lethargy that cries out, as it sits listlessly in front of the air conditioner, "a sweater! i just want to wear a sweater!! is that so much to ask?"

they say it might be fall next weekend. i'll believe it when i see it.

in the meantime, i just spent the last three days countering the obnoxious heat with copious amounts of wine (and then even more copious amounts of water, because holy crap kate you ran a 5K in a blanket of humidity and you were sick - you're dehydrated!) alongside SisterCat and her fabulous partner in crime (but not, contrary to popular belief, lesbian lover) Chi-Chi. that is not her real name. kind of. oh whatever, it's a long story.

but now they are back in boston, and i back in front of my window unit, bemoaning my meteorological fate. and concocting fantastic scenarios in which i can wear boots, a blazer, and not sweat to death on the walk to the metro. one fine day...

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