Thursday, August 30, 2007

your incredibly unsurprising headline of the day.

get this!

Boyfriends Do More Housework Than Husbands

shocked and awed, i am.

Married men do less housework than live-in boyfriends, finds an international survey. But married women do more housework than their live-in counterparts...

Couples who viewed men and women as equals were more likely to divvy up chores equally. But even in "egalitarian households," married men still contributed less to household chores than did their wives. "It's consistent with prior research, which has shown that the roles of wives and husbands are very powerful," Marks told LiveScience. "In a cohabiting relationship there aren't such strongly prescribed social norms, which trickle down to things like housework."

social roles...very don't say. wonders really DO never cease.

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Cinnamon said...

That is interesting and not surprising, to me at least. I know of several women who once they got married felt like they had to act like more of a wife, i.e. doing more household chores.

Thankfully Andrew went freelance shortly after we tied the knot, so he actually does more housework now than I do. I figure since he's not in a car for two and a half hours every day he can spend more time doing household stuff than before.