Wednesday, August 29, 2007

your wednesday one-liner.

there are no funny wednesday one-liners this week. seriously - i checked.

and this was before i went to the Fox and Hound and had two vodka tonics after work - DC people, you know about the Fox and their happy hour. but really, in spite of the six shots of vodka i've thus ingested, there are honestly no funny on-liners.

it's really kinda depressing. what kind of week has it been when no one in new york city has uttered a laugh-out-loud one-liner? what kind of world is this, anyhow?


(i just typed "sight." except i meant "sigh." you know.)

1 comment:

Artemisia said...

Some of my fondest -- fondest! -- memories are of sitting outside in the summer weather at the Fox and Hound. Oh, you make me homesick!