Friday, August 31, 2007

friday cat blogging, the "en garde!" edition.

here is CatCat, defending the premises against all manner of invader, infidel, and general asshole.

you have to be vigilant, you know? creeps of all types and stripes are roaming around this here planet. like, for instance, the sick fuck who found my blog by googling worst forced cunt punishment. a prize winner of the pulitzer or nobel character, to be sure.

and now, i'm not gonna say for sure what kind of punishment CatCat would inflict on this person if she had the chance - being the feline possessor of an elevated sense of poetic justice, ten functioning claws, and the persistent will to use them - but we can speculate.

and that speculation, it is enjoyable.


Jeanne said...

Your cat and mine could be soul mates. Mine's a badass, too, and would soundly kick (claw?) all kinds of behind.

Toast said...

Wait a second: You used the, uh, c-word? On your blog?

kate.d. said...

as a direct quotation of supreme dickhead-ery? you bet!

and jeanne, it's funny because in truth she's really good about not clawing the shit out of everything (including us). but i'd like to think she'd somehow know that this guy was fair game :)