Monday, September 03, 2007

labor is dead - long live labor!

so many things i wanted to write about this weekend. so many ways in which i did not write about them.

on this lovely labor day weekend, i tried to keep the actual labor to a dull roar. i was middlingly successful. there was that three-hour trip to uhaul to help a friend pick up a moving truck, and the subsequent packing of said truck, which (and poor, relocating nadia will attest to this) was laborious indeed. then there was the visiting of BoyCat family and its newest addition, an angelic three-month old baby who really did not cry. that much. (plus - dudes - i held her for a number of minutes - like four or five of them, i'd say - and managed to get her to stop crying once she decided it was time for some waterworks. baby handling success!) then we had a nice little weekend barbecue which was, other than deciding whether to have more macaroni and cheese or pasta salad, was not laborious at all.

and today? today is the day where labor goes to die. so i'm going to finish this glass of wine. then maybe have another. because really, the thinking and the persuading and the pontificating? they do not fit into my Total Lack of Labor schedule. where's that tv remote?

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