Tuesday, July 10, 2007


so i've been reading a lot. which, combined with the working and the eating and the sleeping and whatnot, means that i don't have a lot of ammunition for posting. except about books.

and wouldn't you know it, there's this other place where i'm doing that!

so check it out, if you miss the sound of my voice or something.

(by the way - do any of you still have that childish predisposition to pick at bug bites? because apparently, i do. i have five bites on my left arm leftover from vacation that are, at this rate, going end up as hideously garish scars, given the intensity and regularity with which i pick at them. and yet i can't stop! it's embarrassing, actually.)

(oh, and one other thing. the hotness? not nearly as bad today as it was yesterday. yesterday was pretty swampy, but today - at least the 8:00 am hour and the 6:00 pm hour, when i was actually outside - just felt like regular old summer. hot town, sure, but not wheezing like a bus stop, you know?)


Toast said...

do any of you still have that childish predisposition to pick at bug bites?

Oh yes. Not just bug bites but virtually any kind of scab. I'm a horrible picker.

Lisa said...

Yes, I pick, poke, pluck at everything. It's terrible.

Anonymous said...

Around 3:30 was freaking miserable - sweat dripping down your back miserable. And, I fell on the escalator of the metro and discover I now make old lady noises when I fall. "Oh! Dear!"

I should have stayed in bed today.

kate.d. said...

oh my lord, you fell on the escalator! i am *always* worried about that, especially going into the dupont circle station, because the escalator is sooooooo long, and i feel like i start to get vertigo about 2/3rds of the way down!

and it's funny, my overpowering feeling about today is that i should've stayed in bed :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't actually fall *down* the escalator. For some reason, I am much more prone to falling while walking *up* stairs. So I blocked the path for the hurried people behind me with my clutziness.
Today's weather is so nice though!