Sunday, July 08, 2007


it is hot here. so hot that it's likely all that you'll hear from me over the next three days is:

it's hot.


waaaaah. *whimper*


well, i guess since i just covered the extent of my thought processes for the near future, i can refrain from posting for half a week! but hopefully i'll come up with something considerably more interesting to say in that time. i was so busy being all kinds of productive this weekend - running! petsmart! target! costco! - that i didn't even come close to formulating a worthwhile original thought.

(well, other than when, upon waking on saturday morning, i very perceptively pyschoanalyzed my previous night's dream about pulling a big splinter out of a gaping wound in my foot as being about childbirth anxiety. that was a good one.)

i'm doing pretty well on my little 20 book challenge, too - just finished up book #7. of course there's still no way in hell i'll get through another 13 by the end of august, but i'm going to try! valiance in the face of certain failure, that's what i say!

except when it comes to the heat. then i say screw valiance, just whine as much as possible.


Belle said...

Seven books in? Seven!? Wow. Boy do I feel inadequate. I'm about 150 pages into Grapes of Wrath. Such a slacker.

I need a new mantra, apparently.

Less TV. More reading. Less TV. More reading...

Toast said...

Since this is a thread about "insanity", I have to respond to your comment at Tart's place:

Jason loathes onions? Seriously???

Wow. That's just... just...

Please tell me he doesn't feel the same way about scallions. Garlic? I mean, dude, bulbs are where it's at.

Toast said...

Oh, wait: inanity, not insanity. My bad. ;-)

kate.d. said...

toast, it's true, he hates the onions. i'm surprised that little factoid hasn't been mentioned on this blog like 67 times already - he hates them *that much* :)

there's a story behind it, but i don't feel qualified or authorized to tell it!