Thursday, July 12, 2007

the thing.

"Well I was there when they
dropped the bomb
You know I
remember the bomb
And I
still hear the bomb
And I
still fight the bomb

You know I still fear the bomb
You know I still hate the bomb

Sometimes I
still get the call."


T. said...

Did you live in DC on 9/11? I did. And while that card often gets played, there was, indeed, something very real there that day, for many people. Collectively and individually.

Amy said...

I love that song. LOVE it. I used to listen to it all the time...I think I may have to redownload it.

Great connection with your book.

kate.d. said...

i wasn't in DC then, actually - i was a senior in college in massachusetts.

when i lived in NOVA late last year, i remember driving on 395 past the pentagon and thinking, "my god, people were driving right here when that plane hit." how did they have any mental apparatus for that? watching a plane descend into a building, in real time?

i wondered how many car crashes there were at that moment.