Wednesday, April 25, 2007

your wednesday one-liner.

courtesy of Overheard in New York, a glimpse into what SisterCat would be like if she were your (as they were once quaintly known) "stewardess":

Flight attendant on PA: Be careful when opening the overhead bins. Items can shift during flight and fall on you, or even, God forbid, me.

--American Airlines flight, JFK

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dorothy rothschild said...

The last time Mr. Benchley and I flew, we took the Delta shuttle out of La Guardia to D.C. It was a New York-based flight crew. On the shuttle, there is no assigned seating. One of the flight attendants had been standing in the aisle, adjusting something with an overhead bin, and had stepped into the row in front of us to let people pass.

The plane was pretty empty. Lots of seats everywhere.

A woman walked up and asked the flight attendant where she was supposed to sit.

And the flight attendant swept her arm out and said, anywhere you want.

And the woman just stood there and then made a move like she was going to go into the row where the flight attendant was standing.

Again, there were about a million empty seats.

The flight attendant said, Oh, you want to sit right here, eh? I see. It's more attractive because it's where I'm standing, huh? And she rolled her eyes and then moved out to let the woman in.

Mr. Benchley and I teeheeheed.