Thursday, April 26, 2007

newman. with a badge. for reals.

this has been a short week, technically. this has been a very long week, literally.

wait, that doesn't make sense. but you know.

so there is some apartment craziness happening. we are hopeful and nervous. (well, it's me with the nervous, mostly.) and really? the postal service can kiss my ass. it's the 21st century - an express overnight tracking system that actually works should not be outside the realm of possibility. especially when my ability to get an apartment depends on it.

(by the way - did you know that there are post office police cars? with red and blue lights on top and everything? as i was hustling over to a downtown post office this morning, i noticed what looked like a cop car parked out front. but it wasn't - it was the "postal police." seriously, i am not making this up. and it raises the question about what the "postal police" would need a police car for - are there postal emergencies that necessitate postal workers flying around the city streets, sirens blaring and lights whirling? if so, what are they?? because i would really like to know.)

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