Wednesday, April 25, 2007

second verse...

ok, i survived the first day. yes, i deserve a cookie or something.

now it is the second day. the excitement has kinda worn off, so i'm mainly left with nerves. many of them. plus - an apartment hunt!

we started really, seriously looking for a new place this week. we've seen two places, and given two places the thumbs down. last night's candidate was a tough decision though, and me functioning on eight previous hours of first day stress did not help things. BoyCat and i were both conflicted about whether to take the place, and i ended up having - i kid you not, i wish i was exaggerating here - a two-hour long freakout about it. i hesitate to call it a meltdown, because no tears were actually shed, but i will definitely give myself an ulcer over the next five weeks if i continue to behave this way.

today - back at it! work, and then a possible viewing at 6:00. hopefully minus the kate tantrums.

1 comment:

Mike said...

I Heart Kate Tantrums.

When you said a possible "viewing," I thought of funerals. I hope that doesn't stress you out even more.