Wednesday, February 21, 2007

post-work: generally always better than pre-work, regardless.

a few hours of post-work drinking with co-workers is nice. time to bitch about work stuff you can't bitch about while in a field of cubicles all day, time to argue about democratic presidential candidates, time to mock each other's iPods (ok, all right, only mine was mocked. but i expected as much). BoyCat met up with us a few hours in, and we are actually just getting back to the apartment now (this northern virginia living thing has got to change - an hour commute feels a lot longer at 9:30 than it does at 5:15).

so, nothing resembling real content tonight. i am avoiding having a snack, since my evening eating consisted of pita and hummus (good) and then curry fries (not so good), and then i am going to bed. because believe it or not, four hours of drinking on a wednesday night is no longer a regular event for me! my college self would be dismayed, but such effort now results in early slumber for me...

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Nadia said...

Ah, to be young and reckless again, two drinks on a monday night left me with a hangover and a misterious bump on top of my head. Well, maybe it was more than two drinks, and was it monday??? where's my phone??? aww..crap.