Thursday, February 22, 2007

and no one knows what the hell they're talking about, least of all me. the end.

first things first: the o.c. series finale was awful. i guess i expected as much, but really, they didn’t surprise me with anything good at all. i didn’t get even an itty-bitty bit choked up even once, and for a show that i watched for four seasons! a show for which the first season’s finale made me tear up days later just thinking about it! oh well. a fittingly mediocre end to a show that had gone mediocre long ago.

and then there was one: ugly betty. and thank god for that.

second things second: i realize that i haven’t effectively wrapped up the Contrarian™ period of 2007. i think that this happened last year too – i get all hyped up about the idea, post regularly and coherently about it for a week, and then lose focus. que sera. in a sense, i’m all right with letting the thematic peter out for awhile, because i’ve found that when i focus so intently on a topic for a period of time (and those posts meant that i was thinking about this stuff at all hours, nevermind about the opinions and questions you people raised in comments!), i actually start to lose sight of it. like trying to look at something far away through a magnifying glass – you’re trying to clarify, but your subject just ends up a big blur.

so, no more marriage musings from me for a bit. i started out with a lot of questions, and remain with a lot of question – i don’t honestly see that changing, regardless of whether i ever get married or not! the one thing that i do want to re-iterate is that we're far from decided on the issue. i fully expect, given my anti-marriage bent a lot of the time, a chorus of “i told you so!”s if BoyCat and i ever do decide to tie the knot, and that’s fine. however, they’ll be a little disingenuous, because i’m not currently making any guarantees to the contrary! it’s all still very much up in the air.

though i have to say, the most un-dramatic eventuality is honestly the one most likely to come to pass, which is that the government will force our hand by not getting on this new-fangled “universal healthcare” train. i’d be willing to bet that within the next five years, if i ever do have a chance to pursue this freelance idea seriously, a marriage license will be a prerequisite to our financial stability. boring and unromantic? yes. highly probable? indeed.

so there you have it: a fittingly boring and unromantic end to the story. ‘til next february…

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Cinnamon said...

I for one will never, ever say I told you so. And while I have honestly gotten lots of surprised responses from people, I didn't get any either. And I still have issues with the concepts of marriage and how it works in this country.

And through all of that, I maintain that your relationship should be romantic, but getting married should never be a decision that is clouded by romance. It is a financial and legal move and should be treated the same way as any other financial and legal move. Clear headed with firm conversations related to expectations. And yeah, Andrew is the sentimental one in our relationship.