Sunday, February 18, 2007

oh, blast it all.

i really hate the tarheels.

but then again, when your star player misses all three free throws after being fouled on a three-pointer with under two minutes to go, what do you expect?

we're barely past the ides of february, nevermind march, and i'm already having to repeat "it's just a game" out loud, to myself, roughly half a dozen times over the course of a college basketball game. this does not bode well for my mental state in the weeks to come.

but then again, what does?


Toast said...

I really hate the ACC. I still can't quite get over the fact that B.C. -- B.C.! -- abandoned the greatness of the Big East for that lame-ass sack-of-shit conference.

Dadcat said...

Agreed, I also hate the Tar Heels. And that hate flows on to the Blue Devils, Wolf Pack, Terrapins, Tigers & those damn Demon Deacons!
But, "it's only a game" - who's child are you? These are the monumental contests of collegians vs hardwood! The constant search of nylon by the bouncing rubber orb. The eternal quest of good vs evil played out in short pants. I could go on - but you get the idea.
And also agreed, (with Toast) The Big East is The Great Conference and I wish B.C. was still there. But,if I had to pick a "lame-ass sack-of-shit conference" it'd have to be the SEC!