Sunday, February 18, 2007

that elusive jewel: productivity.

i had this whole plan to be very productive on this little computer today. much writing was supposed to happen. instead, comcast on demand and an old hitchcock movie happened.

have you ever seen Rebecca? probably, because you aren't a cinematic philistine like me. i must say, there is nothing quite like lying on the couch under a blanket, the late afternoon sun sinking and the living room slowly getting darker and darker, while you pick through a bowl of popcorn and watch a gothic movie complete with foggy cliffs, dead wives, and murderous housekeepers.

honestly, i'll take that over clickity-clacking on the keyboard any day. i won't consider the effect of this preference on my potential freelance writing career. at least, i won't consider it today - there's more tv to watch.


Tracy said...

Toast has never seen Rebecca. It used to be my favorite movie and was knocked into second only by the genius that is American Beauty. I've put it on our Netflix queueueueue, but they don't have it in stock. Can you believe it? Best Film Oscar in 1940, by Alfred Hitchcock and you can't get it from Netflix. That's just revolting.

kate.d. said...

i noticed that about netflix last night - we had it under our "saved" section with an "unknown" date of availability. but if you have comcast, it's free on demand right now!

i did like the movie a lot, although i really wanted to grab the joan fontaine character by the shoulders and shake her at pretty much every point during the movie. i know that's how her character is supposed to be, but by god woman, get a backbone!! :)

educand said...

I haven't seen Rebecca, but I read the book back in high school. That "saved" section of my Netflix queue is starting to irritate me.