Thursday, February 15, 2007

oh, bottle of wine, what i wouldn't do to possess you right now.

peeps, i am letting you down tonight - i do not have the Contrarian™ in me at present! horrifying, i know. but it has been a long day, and soon i have to pick up BoyCat from the metro station, and then, you know, i have to be ugly. (watch out, there's audio in that link! scared the shit out of me earlier today.)

never fear, though, more marriage-related musings to come this weekend. i have a few more ideas that i want to try to shake out of my brain before i abandon the concerted effort at being topical for another year!

and it's true - i really don't have any wine in the house. i could weep for the tragedy of it.

a vodka tonic will have to do.

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