Sunday, February 04, 2007

dear peyton.

well, congratulations on your first superbowl win. seriously.

but i still really, really, really, really hate you. seriously.


p.s. please feel free to come out of the closet any day now. because i think that would be great. seriously.


Heather said...

Thank you! I thought I was one of the few people around who hates Peyton. The game was "Peyton Peyton Peyton." The Bears score? Ooh, that's got to be hard for Peyton. A player is injured? Peyton has overcome that kind of adversity before. Geez!!!

Nadia said...

Two Bears fans that were sitting by me at the bar cried. They were wearing their jerseys and all.
I bought them a tequila shot and they felt better. I'm paying for it today!

FINY said...

Seriously I hate Peyton Manning almost as much as I hate the Yankees. And it should be noted that he didn't deserve the MVP award. Grossman completed almost as many passes to Colts players as he did.