Monday, February 05, 2007


so today, i woke up. that was the first sign of trouble. wakefulness = not desirable today. but blast it all, it happened anyway.

and then i thought, "we lost the superbowl." and then i thought, "i have to get in the shower." i stretched one leg out from under the blanket, and then i thought, "fuck. it's fucking freezing, fuck."

i believe those were my exact internal monologue words. i am not terribly eloquent in the early hours.

so i showered, and got dressed, and went outside in the fuckity-fuck-it's-cold-fuck weather to begin my mass transit commute. 45 minutes later, i got off the metro one stop ahead of my usual one. why? oh, because as if losing the superbowl and having it be siberian levels of cold outside, i had to go to the ob/gyn today!


because really, nothing says "today will certainly be an improvement on the craptastic-ness of yesterday" than someone palpating your cervix at 9:30 a.m.

sorry friends: i TMI because it's true.

there's more evidence that i could enter in defense of my conclusion, oft-stated in the waning hours of the afternoon and evening, that "i hate today." but it will bore you - it mainly involves proposal checklists and an itchy fleece pullover. but you know how on a bad day, something like an itchy fleece pullover can almost drive you to aggravated assault and battery? yeah, that was me.

the very end of the day actually rounded out pretty well, with BoyCat and i meeting up with a friend after work for a few much needed drinks, and then coming home to pajamas and (basically) functioning heat. but given the weather channel's predictions for tomorrow - pretty much exactly like today! - i am not sure i can do it. because another day like today, in any capacity, might find me...well...even i don't want to know.


Jared Goralnick said...

aww...poor JosephneKate. Hope tomorrow's a better day!

Sarah said...

i got my book yesterday. THANK YOU!! :-)

Cinnamon said...

that sucks! Especially since you left Chicago to be in warmer weather.

Anonymous said...

yay! i got a shout out on your blog! twas fun to see you and the boycat.