Thursday, December 14, 2006

a confession.

ok, i have to admit it. out loud. in public.

i am watching The O.C. again.

really, it's all the chicago tribune's fault. i had no intentions of watching the show ever, ever again, and then i happened upon a post by their TV critic who said - gasp - the first few episodes were getting back to what The O.C. does best, which is being funny. and thus the seed was planted in my brain. so, i watched one episode. and then another. then there was one that wasn't so good, and i was like "eh maybe this isn't such a good idea."

but then the next one was pretty good again.

so here i am, back in the cycle of addiction, waiting impatiently for the nine o'clock hour to arrive so that i can watch an hour of that crazy cohen family and their satellites of reformed juvenile delinquents, neurotic valedictorians, and money-hungry backstabbing bitches.

i don't know how else to define good TV, really. merry chrismukkah, everyone!


DancingFish said...

Nooooooooo! I have finally given it up (but of couse just turned it on halfway through). Any hope that it might be good again makes me so so happy......of cours it makes no sense whatsoever right now.....

kate.d. said...

eh, fish, you didn't actually miss much. this chrismukkah meets "it's a wonderful life" episode should have been really funny, but ended up disappointing in that regard.

it's the same problem that they had last year, which was trying for serious when they should be trying for funny. or at least serious campy.

Rachel said...

We stopped last year but have started up again with this season. I kind of like. I didn't see last night's episode (yet!) but all of the others have been pretty good.

Kate said...

That's ok. I just started watching the ultimate soap opera Gray's Anatomy. I feel similarly guilty.