Saturday, December 16, 2006

a sad pair are we.

oh, it's a rough week for CatCat. today, she got tossed in the cat carrier and brought to the vet for her annual exam and vaccinations. and i'll tell you - CatCat is a whiner. she can be pretty whiny on an average day - her meows often sound more like petulant wheezes - and when she gets hauled out in the carrier, it is definitive. but funnily enough, once she gets to the vet she pipes down. i think it's because she's too scared to whine anymore.

she was a good girl through her exam, except for being exceedingly pitiful. every time she's at the vet, she attempts to flatten and/or scrunch herself into non-existence against whatever surface she can find: the inside of the cat carrier, the exam table, the floor, etc. but she doesn't put up a fight - just goes limp and lets you move her around, and when you let go she gets back to flattening and scrunching.

so sad. her complacent fear, that is.

then, on wednesday night, she will get tossed into the carrier again, this time to make the trip to the kennel. yes, we are boarding CatCat for christmas vacation. i have spent an inordinate amount of time fretting and hand-wringing over this (as i am wont to do), but i think it's the best thing. our apartment is not really conducive to having anyone pop by to check in on her, and even if it were, well - we don't know that many people nearby! no one close enough to our place and good enough of a friend to ask to do it, anyway. so instead of leaving her here with a heap of food and having me worry every day of my vacation, we're putting her in the hopefully capable hands of a professional. you know, one i can call every day if i want to.

so sad. my obsessive paranoia, that is.

but other than getting CatCat to the kennel by 6:00 on wednesday, i think we are pretty well set for the upcoming holiday. plane tickets booked, transportation planned, (most) xmas presents bought. now it's just three more days of work to get through, and then time for relaxation new england style. this means fireplaces, wine, the ocean, and hopefully at some point, the seafood that comes from it.

my god, how long has it been since i've had lobster? Cat family, see what you can do about penciling in a trip to Brown's.


Toast said...

Brown's? The place just outside of Hampton Beach?

Kate said...

Mmm, seafood. Unfortunately my Christmas Eve is peppered with weird seafood dishes that are less enjoyable than Pier 4 or Legal's or any other good seafood restaurant. My Baltic heritage requires that we have thirteen seafood dishes on Christmas Eve, and they're usually things like pickled herring and this gelatinous fish dish called kushlina.

When I was little, I got to have fish sticks (gross, but better than the other stuff). Now I have to suffer through it with the other adults...