Sunday, November 26, 2006

survival, football, and weirdness.

firstly, i survived the week. just wanted to note that. though i do have a headache that started friday and just won't seem to go away.

secondly, today is going to be a difficult day in the Cat household. the patriots are playing the bears at 4:00 pm. the battlelines are drawn, the various sporting paraphernalia is donned and displayed - it is not going to be a harmonious three hours in this apartment come game time. to wit: on thursday, when the topic of "the big game" on sunday came up, and when someone had the audacity to ask "what game?," there were two separate responses:

BoyCat: "the bears/pats game"
me: "the pats/bears game"

you see the subtle but important distinction? then we spent a few minutes arguing which was more technically correct.

thirdly, something quite odd happened on saturday morning. i opened up my email to see a new anonymous comment to this blog, made around 4:00 a.m., which you can find in the post below. it reads: "kate...i never made the girls next door comment you attributed to me in may...that's not something i'd confused me with someone else."

hmmm. the girls next door comment in may. i attributed that to neil everett, from espn. what the??

according to my trusty statcounter, i soon discovered that someone in or around avon, connecticut googled "neil everett espn" around 3:00 a.m., and on the 13th page of results, found my blog post. i can only assume, as there were no other visits to the blog anywhere near that time frame, that this is also the person who left the comment...about neil the first person.

which is weird, right?

it's weird regardless of what's true. if it really was neil everett googling himself at 3:00 a.m. and leaving comments on blogs, well, that's unexpected. if it's someone living very near espn headquarters, googling sportscenter personalities, and then posing as them in blog comments, well, that's flat out bizarre.

but that's what i love about blogging! a little bit of weirdness is always just around the corner.


Roni said...

First - It's the Bears game. That simple. The fact that we're playing the Pats is secondary.

Second - Blogging is a weird ass thing, oh yes. Back gawd, almost 5 years ago, I blogged about a bad experience the hubby & I had at Eli's for dinner. A few weeks later I had a comment from the owner/manager telling me to come on in for a free dinner. We never did take him up on it before Eli's closed. but it was freakin' weird!

Anonymous said...

That is pretty crazy! I love stat counters but haven't had anything as interesting go on over on my blog!

We are on our way to the sports bar to see the game. Go Bears!

Toast said...

That's funny. I'm settling in to watch the late game and guess what I was wondering?

Tell BoyCat I said GO BEARS!!!

Heather said...

Being most proper, it would be the Bears/Patriots game. You typically have the home team last. But I always put the Bears first regardless. :)

hetherjw said...

I think we can all agree now that it was clearly the Pats game.

You should make boycat wear a Pats Jersey.

Mike said...

Um, I don't care about the game. What I do care is that you seem to have some computer magic that allows you to see someone doing a web search and ending up on your site? That scares the crap out of me. And you know where they're from? What color shirt am I wearing right now?