Thursday, November 23, 2006

couch dispatch.

-i am very, very full.

-we hosted a thanksgiving for six today, and nothing caught on fire, nobody cried or yelled, and all the food tasted - do you believe it? - delicious.

-BC football is on right now. therefore i am full and happy.

-i finished my mammoth editing job last night around 10:00 pm, and then promptly did a happy dance, filled a custard cup of excess peanut butter pie filling (BoyCat was prepping for the day of cooking ahead), and ate it curled up on the couch watching an old episode of sex and the city. but i deserved it. for serious.

-we now have the pseudo-cats-in-law (currently reposing, luckily, in a nearby hotel) for another two days. tomorrow it is off to the smithsonian, and perhaps the new bond movie?

-and ok, really, i'm wicked full.


Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Wicked full is a great feeling - especially when it's due to turkey and all the fixins'

And just think - we'll be doing it all over again in little under a month!

Happy belated Thanksgiving :)

Anonymous said...

kate...i never made the girls next door comment you attributed to me in may...that's not something i'd confused me with someone else