Tuesday, November 28, 2006

can i just tell you?

i loved the new bond movie, casino royale. we went to see it on friday night (and almost missed it because we couldn't find a parking space. at a 14 screen movie theater! in suburban virginia! but don't get me started), and i was just rinsing out my cereal bowl at the sink this morning thinking, "man, i loved casino royale."

this thought was precipitated by the today show, blathering in the background, which was talking about hollywood's box office bump this weekend. those damn dancing penguins were number one, of course, but bond came in second with about $30 million in revenue. the highlights came on and i was like, "ooooh. bond."

and then i stood at the sink and thought about it some more!

so in short, if you haven't gone, i highly recommend it. and then come back and tell me if you think daniel craig is the best bond since connery. because, you know, that's what i've heard. from some.

i'm just sayin'.


dorothy rothschild said...

I haven't been to see this yet, but I will, dammit. Mr. Benchley snuck off this weekend and saw it by himself while I was at home furiously working at the drawing table trying to finish a project.

When they first announced Craig as the new Bond, I couldn't figure out why.

But then I saw the trailers.

He's got kind of a Sean Connery/Steve McQueen thing going.


Toast said...

We're dying to see this, but every damned weekend is booked right now. Might try to squeeze it in Friday night.

munckee said...

Dorothy, check out Layer Cake if you liked Mr. Craig.