Tuesday, November 28, 2006


you know that you're going insane when...

you spend four months on the hunt for a pair of black ankle boots, because the pair that you have you don't actually like, and then you finally buy a pair of black ankle boots that you think you like, until you get home and realize they are almost exactly identical to the pair you have that you don't like.

same heel height. same stitching. same angle in the sole. holy cow would you look at that, same maker. only different is that the old ones have a square toe, and the new ones have a round toe.

a different-shaped toe does not an entirely new ankle boot make.

so now i have to return these boots (because really, kate, they're the same boots you already have. no rationalizing out of that fact.), and continue my search with the knowledge that sometimes, i don't know the difference between something that i like and something that i don't like.

this reality does not bode well for, oh, the rest of my life.

1 comment:

jayniek said...

i hate the way ankle boots make me feel. it's like i'm shackled or something. my ankles feel bound, and not in a cozy-socks way.

i say fuck ankle boots altogether.