Wednesday, November 29, 2006

your wednesday one-liner.

courtesy of Overheard in New York, a statement that is not to be believed:

Conductor: There's another local train directly behind this one. I would never lie to you.

--W train to Astoria

don't fall for it! they do lie! all of them.

whenever you hear a public transit conductor say this, know that it is true only about 30% of the time.


educand said...

Oh yes, this I know, living on the B line as I do.

dorothy rothschild said...

Just yesterday I was on a W train, Queens-bound and when it pulled in to Queensborough Plaza, the conductor announced that the train was going to be going express to Astoria Blvd., and everyone wanting local stops should get out and wait for the W train that was right behind the one we were on. I waited at least thirty minutes for that other train that was "right behind this one."

They are liars.

Mike said...

Oh, I've my share of on-the-train, off-the-train hijinks with the N/W at Queensboro Plaza.

Always best to trust your intuition.