Friday, November 10, 2006

help us help ourselves.

lately, among some of the big sites of the feminist blogosphere, there has been a lot of virtual ink spilled and virtual mud slung about what makes a good feminist. if this sounds like deja vu all over again, it is - this tempest in a teapot happens, in some form or another, every six months or so. last time twisty was the match and blowjobs were the powderkeg; in this lastest incarnation it was jill (responding to twisty, true - she's such a troublemaker!) and the claim of being a "fun feminist".

these discussions, while useful and healthy at their foundation, are also freaking exhausting. and it can get pretty disheartening to see how much the "divide and conquer" tactic an oppressor uses - keep them fighting with each other, and they'll never get their act together to fight us! - still works like a charm on the feminist movement. not that the patriarchy is out there orchestrating every dust-up and disagreement, but it's amazing how much we can get caught up in judging one another rather than directing that frustration and anger at a proper target.

this is where lauren (formerly of feministe fame, and now blogging solo) comes in. she's pretty fed up with all the bullshit, and wants to move forward with something collaboratively and supportively feminist. enter the Help Us Help Ourselves project, in which women* contribute tips, tricks, ideas and skills to help other women get a leg up on life. the project is centered on helping women with issues around money, finances, and bureaucracy, but this can mean so many things! see lauren's post on the project for some ideas and jumping off points, and then think of something that you can contribute to help a woman out.

at present, i can only think of basic instructions on how to do a triple time step, so i (obviously!) haven't chimed in yet. but i will...i've gotta have some useful skills rattling around in my brain somewhere...

*i say women because this project has its basis in an idea of collaboration among women, but i am almost certain it's not exclusionary in that sense. if you have an idea and want to chip in, you should, regardless of you sex and/or gender!

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educand said...

LOL, you read my mind - actually, I'm a little puzzled about the implications of redefining my gender identity on my participation in/ownership of feminist initiatives.

I think it's a great idea. I looked down the list of topics, though, and first thought, shit, I don't know anything about any of these, and then thought, shit, and I OUGHT to know something about four or five of them because I'm supposed to be a fricken' social worker. But maybe some ideas will come. This could turn into a book, you know?