Friday, November 10, 2006

friday cat blogging, where's waldo edition.

we were a little worried that when we moved from chicago to DC, CatCat would be distraught over losing one thing: her beloved hiding space in the back of the closet. in the old apartment, we only had a curtain over the doorframe to the closet, so she could sneak in and out of there as she pleased, away from prying eyes and reaching hands (usually trying to take her to the vet). where would she hide in the new place?

turns out she had a number of options that pleased her. now, when she wants to disappear, she usually tucks away underneath one of the couches, up against the wall or in between the two big pillows we store under there. at times when she's less concerned about being inaccessible and more concerned with just blending in to the furniture, she goes here:

i think she figured out fairly quickly that she was far from invisible under there, but she still likes to tuck away under there sometimes, and monitor the comings and going from the safety of a hiding place.

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