Tuesday, November 14, 2006

not dead. yet.

sorry peoples, i forgot to post that i was heading out of town for two and a half days for a enviroland staff retreat this week! i apologize for how much you must have missed my verbal stylings since last friday. but somehow, you got through it, and for that i commend you.

i am pretty beat from running around southern pennsylvania for the last two days, so not much more from me at the moment. i will say that, in sum, work conferences are weird. i've never been with an organization that was big enough to have one of these off-site retreats, so it was a totally new experience. random company roommates, hotel kitchen food (though their hash browns at breakfast were delicious!), horrendous conference room wallpaper, and too many voices heard through microphones.

on the upside, though, there was free booze and a poker game going each night. so i can't really complain.

now i am facing two more days of in-town trainings this week, and one real day of work before the weekend. why they don't just give us friday off in order to digest all that training, i really don't know.

ok, i'm off to find out if anything actually happened in the world while i was gone...


jayniek said...

nothing happened.

oh wait.

um, i read a few pages of the book i'm reading.
and it rained.

that's really all you need to know.

FINY said...

Even if they don't give you Friday off, I am SURE no one in the office is going to be doing any work ...