Wednesday, October 04, 2006

things that i have discovered today.

- that i still can't produce a coherent, non-move related post. sorry folks.

- that there are a number of things about the Metro that remind me of Disney World. firstly, the trains themselves make me think of the monorail at Disney. i don't know why. i guess compared to the hulking metal El trains, they just seem a little less...train-like. and they make that whirring sound when they run. secondly, the underground stations are kinda Space Mountain-esqe (actually, i credit BoyCat with discovering this, i merely had to concur with this assessment when i finally rode through one).

- the worst idea ever? putting industrial carpet inside public transit cars. Metro, what were you thinking??

- that cobblestone sidewalks are nice and quaint, until you almost bite it - twice! - while walking a four block span.

- that i had underestimated the phallic nature of the washington monument. holy penile symbology, people.

- that idiots are everywhere*. today at lunch at the Corner Bakery, BoyCat and i listened to a woman send a waitress back with a sandwich because "it has avocados on it. i ordered it without avocados. and they can't just take them off, because i'm allergic." what? seriously?? lady, there are at least half a dozen sandwich options without avocado on them. why in the world, if you are allergic to the damn things, would you even chance ordering a sandwich that usually comes with them?


*of course i already knew this. it's just something that i re-discover, and re-discover, and re-discover.


FINY said...

* Totally understandable!
* I completely agree. Plus how the lights on the platforms light up when there's a train coming? And how they actually have signs telling you how many more minutes until the next train arrives. The whole Metro experience always weirds me out.
* And yet they always seem so clean to me. The real worst idea ever? Wiring them for cell phone use.
* heels + cobblestones = BAD
* There is no way to OVERESTIMATE the phalic nature of the Washington Monunment. (on an unrelated note, you've got to go to the FDR memorial at some point. By far my fave).
* I hate stupid people.

mikey said...

- Sure you can. What's the weather like?

- The Metro just reminds me of a song by Berlin.

- Maybe it's not carpet. Maybe it's an easily replaceable sponge that looks like carpet.

- I'm glad I'm a guy, and don't have to worry about such things as heels and cobblestones.

- Heh. All we have around here are a big set of boobs disguised as a nuclear power plant.

- To be fair, she shoulda gotten what she ordered. But, really, if she was really allergic, she shoulda been firmer about it when ordering.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in the Boston area and in Edinburgh, I can totally feel you on the heel to obblestone disconnect. ;)

Anonymous said...

Or Cobblestone, if spelling is important to you. :)