Tuesday, October 03, 2006

a nearly content-free pictorial.

because i am still somewhat shellshocked from The Big Move and the ensuing adjustment to all things alexandria, i offer you some photos of the new place.

this one is really dark, i know, but i was too lazy to retake it after uploading it. you can make out the basics! this is the living/dining area, as seen from the front entrance. notice CatCat in her new favorite spot.

this is the living/dining area, as seen from the door by the deck.

this is the stove and microwave in the kitchen. the fact that i live in a place that has a kitchen this nice still does not seem correct to me.

i mean seriously, we have a dishwasher? what?

and we have an ice maker - an ice maker! what?

the bathroom, by my standards, is fricking huge. make of those standards what you will.

and. and. the crowning glory of this place - the washer/dryer. you mean they put these in apartments? what??

so this is where we live. now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to trader joe's to find some food to put in our nearly empty refrigerator. (did i spell that right? i have no idea.)


educand said...

Awesome place! You've done a marvelous job setting up already. Go you!

Toast said...

Wow! Nice apartment you've got there. And to echo educand, color me impressed at how quickly you've got stuff set up and unpacked. Not a box to be seen. You didn't crop them out, did you? ;-)

Jared Goralnick said...

Be careful, Kate. If you get used to this place (out in suburbia) you're never going to be able to make it back into the city... ;-)

But it sure is nice! Great job on the unpacking, too!

Kate said...

Oh my gosh, you're all moved in. I still have boxes in my garage from August!

The place looks great. And there's nothing like having a dishwasher...

FINY said...

Holy crap! You unpack QUICK! Congrats on the new place, it looks fantastic!

kate.d. said...

oh jared, i don't think i could ever get used to this kind of suburbia. a trip to the bank and trader joe's took me like 2 hours today. and i know i'll get acclimated, but it's just highways and 4 lane streets and strip malls and big box stores EVERYWHERE.

so we'll definitely make it back into the city, hopefully in about 8 months...but for now, this'll do :)

Roni said...

Damn! I still have boxes from 2 years ago.

The place looks awesome. And the couch looks very comfy. ;)

dorothy rothschild said...

That is a very nice window for CatCat!

And wow, you're all unpacked. We moved last February and there are still boxes that haven't been touched.

Cinnamon said...

I guess living in the burbs has some advantages. But you'll return to the city soon enough.