Sunday, October 29, 2006

not even a good title.

what kind of computer comes without microsoft word? (and don't say macs, you mac people, i know that.) i was all set to order a new dell today, and then the website's all like "does NOT come with MS word," or any other office suite stuff for that matter. and given that the three main things that i use on my home laptop are the internet, itunes, and microsoft office, well, that is a problem.

so i have to call dell tomorrow.

other than that, i have no coherent thoughts. i have other thoughts - like why i think it would be cooler if black holes really did make information disappear - but they are far from coherent.

maybe i'll work them into a post somehow anyway. but it won't be tonight, as i have a slight headache and a slight fear of returning to work tomorrow. only because i am afraid that i don't know what i'm doing.

well, i mean, i know that i don't know what i'm doing. but that's ok, right? as long as i know it, i mean.

also, on the last completely unrelated note, i dread the arrival of way-too-early holiday season on wednesday. i love christmas, but i hate how the day after halloween has become the offical beginning of the season. it actually sends me into a bit of a consumer-related rage. i actually saw a christmas-themed commerical for Lowe's the other day (not even the day before the day before halloween!) and almost threw something at the tv.

so, happy halloween.


e$ said...

driving to a party on saturday night, we passed a house with three of those enormous inflatable creatures.

blow-up pumpkin

blow-up tigger (why?)

blow-up snowman

i mean, if you're gonna defile your yard like that, shouldn't you at least focus your efforts a little more?

Jared Goralnick said...

Of course it doesn't include Word. But don't get me started on that...

So are you going to get dressed up this Tuesday?