Thursday, October 26, 2006

through a synopsis briefly.

oh my god, yous guys. working is like, hard.

i am still liking the new job (but sadly can't shake that part of my mind that is waiting for the other shoe to drop, as my experience at nonprofitland has apparently given me enough career-related baggage to last a long time). i found out today that i will be overseeing foundation relations and writing proposals for some of our programs in the mid-atlantic, the midwest, the southeast, the southwest, and the west coast. whoa! but i'm excited about it.

also, i actually ran at the gym today. like, on the treadmill. for awhile. which, when you haven't attempted such an endeavor in over a month, is not going to fall under the classic category of "fun." so now it is 9:35 and i am dangerously close to climbing into bed.

and now the laptop is beeping like it's dying, but it's plugged in.


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Roni said...

sounds so exciting! I know what you mean about the other shoe...It's hard to not think that way in NPL.