Tuesday, October 31, 2006

thank you, vh1 classics.

so i woke up this morning with that murderously obnoxious john mellencamp song/chevy pitch in my head. you know the one. i'm not even going to say anything else about it.

in order to remedy this problem, i turned on the vh1 classics channel. that pat benatar video "love is a battlefield" was on. and i just want to take a moment to acknowledge what a damn good time that video is. it made my morning! big 80s sweaters and earrings. the stereotypical sleazy dude in a white vest, and with a gold tooth. a bunch of chicks in shredded up dresses menacing said sleazy dude. and a drink in the face! of course, how could it be otherwise?

thank you, pat benatar, for being awesome, in that incredibly theatrical reagan-era way. and for purging the mellencamp from my brain.


educand said...

I *heart* the way Pat Benatar menacingly shakes her pointy shoulders at the guy in that video.

Why did the 80's ever have to end? Besides Reagan, I mean.

Mike said...

That video was actually pretty revolutionary at the time, not many (or any other) videos had coreographed sequences like that one, and I remember hearing it was a really big thing. Goes toshow you, the classics never die!

Toast said...

The 1980's: Music's Greatest Generation.

And I'm being neither ironic nor sarcastic when I say that.

Mike said...

I thought she was flying some WWII bombing mission in that one.

Guess not. What Pat song was that?