Monday, October 02, 2006

welcome to washington DC. er, i mean, the suburbs.

so we totally live in the suburbs. i am slowly processing this fact. but our apartment? freaking great. we have been working on getting it set up for the last day and a half, and we've made pretty good progress if i do say so myself. once we get the last few things put away, dealt with, or lit on fire and thrown in a dumpster (seriously, we have two whole boxes of books with no discernible home in this apartment) then i will post some pictures of the place and its greatness. but for now? cat pictures!

because really, i think these sum up the trip nicely.

we started out angry:

CatCat looks drugged and behind bars because she is drugged and behind bars. this was taken while the movers were taking stuff out of the place in chicago. the kitty tranqs didn't totally knock her out, just zoned her out (allegedly - see mention of the 2006 CatCat rebellion in my last post, which was repeated on saturday afternoon). the drugs made the membranes on the inside corners of her eyes come up towards the middle of her eyes, which was kinda freaky and gross. but we pitied her, like gregor samsa or the elephant man.

and 48 hours later, we were angry and dirty:

so i told you this apartment has a fireplace, yeah? well, guess what CatCat found her way into while her owners were otherwise engaged with boxes and packing tape? this picture doesn't even begin to do justice to how filthy she was. we were not even in the apartment three hours, and she strolls into the kitchen looking like oliver twist. i took this picture after 10 minutes of BoyCat holding her down so i could scrub her face, neck, and paws. this morning, she still has soot under her right eye and on her front paws.

while angry and/or dirty were sort of the overarching themes of the trip, we are all here now, and it is good. oh, and the temperature tomorrow? 84 degrees. holy shit, people, i am in the south.


Roni said...

It's about 80 here too.

Glad to hear that you made it safe & sound.

jayniek said...

"we were not even in the apartment three hours, and she strolls into the kitchen looking like oliver twist."

upon reading that, i just burst out in an odd staccato chortle that made everyone look at me.

whatever. worth it.

Kate said...

My cat has gotten into our fireplace too. It's pretty cute to see how happy he is in there, but a bitch to clean up.

Hooray for your new digs!