Tuesday, October 17, 2006


seriously, people.

holy shit.

six turnovers by grossman, and the bears still get the win? six??

we turned the tv off.

i am not proud to admit it, but about two-thirds of the way through the fourth quarter, BoyCat and i folded like a cheap tent and turned the tv off. i should know better by now! but i gave in to tiredness and pessimism. and as punishment, i missed one of the most crazy-ass comebacks of the whole season.

the big question this morning, though: should the citizens of chicago still burn rex grossman in effigy, as they would have if the defense and special teams didn't win it for him?


FINY said...

My thought - you don't burn a quarterback in effigy for this bad game. He does the same thing next week? Absolutely. But don't give up on the guy until it becomes a pattern.

Meanwhile, I am convinced Grossman was trying to make me lose my fantasy game this week. Not only did he not GET me any points, I actually LOST 6 points by starting him!

Roni said...

Too late, the sports talk this morning was all about how bad he is, how Lovie should of had him on a tighter leash, blahblah...How quick we turn on our own.

Hey, you're an hour ahead, I would had turned in too. OK...maybe not. ;)

Cinnamon said...

Roni, you were more awake last night than I was. And I'm used to being up until 2am. But in all seriousness, I was glad to be able to say "Going into the 4th quarter down by two touchdowns" and know what I was talking about. You both would have been so proud of me.

G said...

I think he's earned himself a bad game by his performances thus far. In a perverse way, you should be happy about it - the great teams always bail each other out. It's the sign of a winning attitude when a team can play badly and win.

That said, there are maybe 3-5 teams in football who would have lost that game. Chicago didn't win it, the Cards threw it away.

And Grossman made a nasty dent in my fantasy team

G said...

FINY - I lost 10 points on Grossman. So it could have been worse. That said, I did tell you to pick him up in the first place, so I feel a LITTLE guilty

kate.d. said...

cinn, i am very proud!

and thank goodness i don't do fantasy sports. i just get a bad, bad feeling about fantasy stuff...like it's the overlook hotel or something. it'll suck me in and never let me out...

DancingFish said...

I agree with finy. It is ok he messed up once, if he does it again after the by week- give him hell. Lovie should not have had him passing that much though. They ran the ball well last week and I don't have a clue what they thought they were doing. He is lucky it was an away game so he didn't hear it during the game or have too much negatitve stuff going on with the crowd for the defense to be effective.
I am just happy they got the win- Leinart was all sorts of cocky saying that the Bears D wasn't any better than college teams he played against. I'll admit they weren't good last night but two defensive touchdowns and the win sure shut Leinart up.

Roni said...

Fantasy is consuming. Cinn - I do think you can figure it out. We have 2 other women who aren't that well versed in football in our player league. And hell, Boos can pick your pick 'em league picks. I'm very proud of you!!

finy - the hubby picked up grossman at my suggestion, also because he had a higher stop in the waiver line. grossman hurt a lot of us.