Monday, October 16, 2006

the most amazing development EVER.

(non-bostonians, this post will probably mean absolutely nothing to you. just sayin'.)

i nearly fell off of the couch last night when, upon opening an email from SisterCat, i read this explosively amazing information:

there is a Border Cafe within driving distance of my apartment.

that's right, folks - a border! in virginia! i almost didn't believe it myself. but the interweb doesn't lie. so this weekend, BoyCat and i will be venturing west into the suburbs to find a little outpost of harvard square/route 1 deliciousness.

french quarter chicken! biscuits! chips and salsa!

i might actually just go right now.


educand said...

Wouldn't that entail liking Mexican food? Meh.

e$ said...

i hate the border cafe. and i hate it more now that I know it's a chain. Going into that place is like walking into the firey mouth of hell without your sunglasses on. I hate it.

Amy said...

oooh...the big EAT and cactus images fill my mind!! Good for you!!!

Mike said...

Wait a minute-there are only 6 of them, in the world, and one is near you? Isn't that odd? Almost as odd as someplace called Christiana, Delaware.

I had no idea it was a chain, I thought it was just the two.

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Love the Border Cafe.

Glad you'll have a slice of home in VA - do they have Dunkins' down there, too?

FINY said...

Holy crap, there's one in NJ?! I HAD NO IDEA! That's it, making a trip to the Garden State soon.

Lola Mason said...

You are welcome :)