Tuesday, September 12, 2006

worth reading.

as a public service, i pass along what so many other bloggers are passing along today: links to Keith Olbermann's pinpoint accurate commentary on 9/11. i know many of you, like myself, are wary to dive into any 9/11-related political discussion, but as Toast says, this is a must read.

How dare you, Mr. President, after taking cynical advantage of the unanimity and love [in the days and weeks after 9/11], and transmuting it into fraudulent war and needless death, after monstrously transforming it into fear and suspicion and turning that fear into the campaign slogan of three elections? How dare you -- or those around you -- ever "spin" 9/11?

Just as the terrorists have succeeded -- are still succeeding -- as long as there is no memorial and no construction here at Ground Zero.

So, too, have they succeeded, and are still succeeding as long as this government uses 9/11 as a wedge to pit Americans against Americans.

you can find the full transcript here. you can also find the video here.

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Cinnamon said...

Thanks, Kate. It's all I need to see. It sums up exactly what I feel, but far more eloquently.