Tuesday, September 12, 2006

some observations.

do you know what i really don't like?

wearing jeans and running sneakers. for some reason, i just find it incredibly awkward. i hate the way the hem of the jean bunches around the sneaker, i hate the way it looks, i hate the way it feels. for this reason, i should immediately discontinue using my gym shoes as commuter shoes when it's too cold for commuter sandals. i'll need a new commuter shoe plan for when it gets really cold.

do you know what i really do like?

the word fallacious. i like it because it sounds like salacious. it also reminds me of fallopian, which, c'mon, is just a great word. in fact, i especially like those two latter words used together, even though they make no sense. they'd be a fun substitute for the word fallacious, though; you could say things like "that is a salaciously fallopian argument, my friend. i'm not buying it."

and with that profound thought, friends, i make my leave. talk amongst yourselves.


jayniek said...


Your salaciously fallopian argument leaves me in an uneasy state of lugubrious dystopia.

and for that, i must admit that i'm a bit angry.

Toast said...

What do you call it when right-wing reporters slavishly repeat the President's own spin back to him?


Roni said...

I have the same issue with jeans & sneakers. I dunno why because I love jeans and I love sneakers. Maybe it is left over feeling from having to NOT tuck my jeans into my socks. Or maybe I really do need to wear hi-tops all the time. Or maybe it is why I actually LIKE wearing heels with my jeans now.

Kate said...

Me too on the jeans and sneakers! Every time I do it I feel weird... yet, I still do it a few times a month. Hrm.

And I love your thoughts from fallacious --> salacious --> fallopian. Any mention of female physiology makes me smile though. Call it a science nerd thing.