Tuesday, September 12, 2006

from the "humina-whaaa?" files.

so i was just getting myself a piece of gum from my bag, and i noticed something written on the back of the Dentyne Ice packet. it's tucked under the logo and alongside the nutrional information (two pieces account for 1% of your total carbs, if you were wondering. i'm just going to put this curious advertising copy out there verbatim:

Dentyne-ism #16
The more time you spend staring into
her eyes, the less you'll talk later.


seriously, if someone can explain the logic of this sentence to me, i will send you an autographed picture of CatCat and a pack of Dentyne Ice gum.


jayniek said...

ooh oooooh pick me!!

if you make her feel like you like her (with the age-old look-i'm-paying-attention-to-you trick of "eye contact"), then you will later have sex.


now... where's my headshot?

kate.d. said...

intriguing. i'm not sure i can fully categorize this explanation as "logic," but as you have clarified this copywriter's intent for me, i will forward you a signed CatCat picture and some chewing gum forthwith.

congratulations on this once-in-a-lifetime win.

jayniek said...

thanks and whatever...

just don't go making it out like i've never won an autographed picture of your cat and a shitload of gum before...

as if.

e$ said...



i was totally all over that.

Sarah said...

i will clear it up. if you stare into a woman's eyes all night she will think you are a creep and never call you again, thus no talking.