Tuesday, September 05, 2006

oh, and by the way?

we're still moving to DC. in, um, three weeks.

ahh hahahahahahahaha.

that's funny.

in big picture terms, there is still much to be done. mainly, find an apartment and find employment. we just got down to business on the apartment hunt today, and have winnowed a bunch of places down to 2 or 3 serious contenders - i'm hoping to have initiated a rental application somewhere by the end of this week.

because, you know, moving. in three weeks.

the employment thing is a whole 'nother animal and likely to make me break out in hives if i think about it anymore, so i'll spare you all (and me) from more discussion on that subject. the one thing that i will say is that i've decided to pursue freelance grant writing regardless of whatever job i do get, full-time or part-time or no-time. well, that is unless i get a job as a full-time grant writer somwhere, in which case, sweet. but i think that grant writing is probably the most useful (and portable) skillset that i've developed for myself over the past year, and i should stick with it. hell, i have two english degrees - i should try to make money by writing. it's kind of a no-brainer.

there has been other moving-related progress, but mainly little things that seem dwarfed by the tasks yet to be accomplished. i'm hoping to slay a few big dragons in the next week, and hopefully have a valid address and a small army of moving boxes by next friday.

stay tuned...

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Roni said...

Chica you are so going to be money as a grant writer. Esp in grant central. Good luck.

And don't forget about teaching grant writing too. I took an online course a few years ago thru the City Colleges on grant writing. I dunno how much it pays, but I'm sure it pays something. :)