Thursday, September 07, 2006

no, really.

i think i'm going crazy.

people, i think this blog is going to become All Move, All The Time for the next three weeks, because i have just realized the monumental nature of the task ahead, and it has begun to completely consume me. i know that many use the term lightly, but "freaking out" pretty much describes my default state right now.

poor BoyCat. he does not even know what to do with me.

we still don't have an apartment, and we're considering downgrading to a studio for the first six months in order to not have to live in an apartment complex favored by thieves and crackwhores. because you know, it's much easier to try to ferret out a good deal on a nice, clean apartment in a decent neighborhood when you actually live in the city where you're looking.

which we, of course, do not.

so, more later. tomorrow i am starting the packing process. after i buy some packing tape. but after that, bookshelves, be warned* - your time in chicago is up.

*i just accidentally typed "warnded," which, when i think about it, sounds kinda funny. like i have a cold and a speech impediment at the same time or something. and i'm also three years old.


Toast said...

You are either very brave or very foolish, my friend. I cannot imagine committing to a move without a job or a place to live at my destination. Especially the job part. If you've got that, you can finesse the place to live issue.

Ah, youth... ;-)

Roni said...

Brave, toast, the woman is brave. I cheer your courage from the sidelines as I wasted my youth with sensibility & safety.

You two will be fine.

So, when's the going away party? Me thinks we all need to just get you tons of Trader Joe's gift cards.

Kate said...

I similarly panicked when I moved almost a month ago. It is all-consuming, that's just the reality of it. You're not crazy, you've got a lot in front of you.

That said, to add to the picture of reality, you will get through this. You will figure out how to pack it all up, move it, and find somewhere to live.

I have a few friends in DC -- I might pass on your blog's URL and see if they can offer any advice about the new location and how to find an apartment with crackwhores. :)

kate.d. said...

oh, i dunno - i'm starting to think that i'm old enough for these kinds of undertakings to reasonably be labeled "foolish" :)

only time will tell...