Friday, September 08, 2006

friday cat blogging, "i'm freaking out too!" edition.

the cat! the blogging! together again!

as i have been consumed by, ahem, other things lately, i have slacked off on my solemn duty to post pictures of my pet on my blog. so here's one. i honestly wish this was video, even just a five second one, so you could get the full effect of the writhing and rolling and scratching and kicking that was going on here. it's hard to make out what the object of her affection/hatred is, i know - it's actually just one of those expandable file-holder thingees. but it usually doesn't sit right there in the middle of the room; it's usually tucked into a drawer. the same drawer that we keep the catnip in.

imagine that.

on that note (which is to say, no note at all), BoyCat and i are off to wisconsin for a wedding this weekend. and yes, of course we are stopping at the Mars Cheese Castle on the way home - what do you think we are, heathens?

see you on the other side of sunday, when i hope to report that we have an apartment. or a big cardboard box to set up on the side of the road upon our arrival in DC.

1 comment:

elizalou said...

You know, I lived 20 minutes away from the Mars Cheese Castle my entire life and I never once set foot in the place. Story of my life, I guess, as I never made it up the Eiffel Tower the entire time I spent in Paris.

Because, you know, Mars Cheese Castle is the Eiffel Tower of south eastern Wisconsin.

At any rate, have fun at the wedding and I hope the cheese castle grants you the inner peace and calm you'll need over the next few weeks.