Sunday, September 17, 2006

moving. in a move.

i know, shut up about it already! but it is all i am doing and thinking lately.

today we got back from the pseudo-cats-in-laws with a bunch of BoyCat's stuff (mainly books, wouldn't you know) that will be making the trek with us. it seemed a little crazy to be lugging stuff into the apartment, but there you have it. and it is a testament to our general nerdiness that one of our first purchases when we arrive in DC will have to be another bookcase, as the two we have are full and we just brought in two more boxes of 'em.

ah well.

so on friday night, we said goodbye to some good friends of ours, a couple who are actually moving to NYC the same day we're moving to DC (migrate to acronyms on thursday! ready, go!). on the way back to the car after saying our goodbyes, i said to BoyCat, "i feel weird." i didn't really know what it meant. because i did feel weird, but i couldn't narrow it down any further than that. i was sad, and i was nervous, and i was a bit confused and disoriented. it was strange to say goodbye to these friends, friends we'd made soon after moving to chicago, friends with whom we'd done a lot - baseball games, drunken nights at bars, lazy afternoons watching football, all those random happenings that add up to life when you look back on them. and all of a sudden it was like, ok, that's over.

not life, mind you, but that life. now we're creating a different one. and everything from the life that was? it can come with us, in a way, if we want it to - but it'll be different. mutated, necessarily, to make room for the new. and we walked back to the car, and i was quiet, because i realized that i was really going. i don't think i had realized it until right then. i've been so wrapped up in wrapping things up, in packing and reserving and listing and planning, that i hadn't thought about making some peace with the life that i'm leaving. and it's - well, it's weird.

and to top that off, this is my last week of work at nonprofitland. talk about needing to make some peace...


FINY said...

Don't shut up about it! This is a HUGE part of your life right now, of course you're going to talk about it. Hell it's all I talked about for weeks when I did it!

e$ said...

dude, i felt the same way when I moved, ant that was only to the other side of the city. like, 20 miles.

I promise, you'll feel so much better once you get to DC and get settled. the waiting is always the worst.