Monday, September 18, 2006

a post wholly unrelated to moving.

and wouldn't you know, it's about shoes.

i'm sorry, but i just couldn't resist sharing this much-needed public service to the world. death to crocs! stop the insanity!

(hat tip to the manolo for this crucial find.)


Toast said...

What the hell are they? Plastic clogs?

kate.d. said...

oh my gosh, yes. plastic clogs. but really, the most ugly plastic clogs that could ever possibly be invented, and they make them in all these ridiculous colors like bright purple and banana yellow and lord are they awful.

and yet they are everywhere. it is truly inexplicable. the site author compares them to the zubaz pants fad, and frankly, i think she's right!

Roni said...


dorothy rothschild said...

Oh how I hate, hate, hate them.